How our waitlist works

We operate on an old school wait list using pen and paper.

  • When you're ready to come see us, you can either walk in or call ahead to get your name on our list.

  • Whether you walk in or call, we'll give you our earliest estimated start time with the next available stylist (if you would like to request a certain stylist or barber, please let us know right away so we can give you their earliest availability).

  • If you walk in and we've got the space immediately, we'll take you right away!
    If we can't take you right away, we'll give you our next earliest start time or work out a Same Day Reservation for you.

  • If you're calling in, just know that we won't answer the phone until our posted opening time. That's because we give priority to anybody who is standing outside The Shop before we open. Once they're situated, we'll start taking calls for the day.

  • If you would prefer a different time than our next available, you can make a Same Day Reservation. Let us know what time you'd like to come in, and if we've got the space, we'll put your name on our list at your requested time. We only take reservations for that day.

  • The spots on our waitlist are estimates, not appointments, so there could be a little variation in the actual start time. Sometimes we run ahead, and sometimes we're behind. We'll take your phone number so we can give you a call if we're going to be ready at a drastically different time than we initially estimated.

  • If you end up with a short wait, you're welcome to hang out in The Shop or you can cruise the neighborhood to grab a beer or coffee or check out our neigborhood shops. All of our Shops are in cool downtown areas with plenty to do!

We hope to see you soon!