How our waitlist works

We operate on an old school wait list using pen and paper.

That waitlist is only good for that day
(can't add you on tomorrows list)!

When you're ready to come see us there are two ways for you to get on our list...
1. Call Us* and we'll give you an estimated start time, if it works, we'll see you then.
2. Walk-In and we'll give you an estimated start time. If we've got time right away, we'll take you right away. Otherwise you're welcome to wait in The Shop, or you can cruise the neighborhood and grab a beer or a coffee or whatever, it's up to you. All of our Shops are in cool downtown areas with plenty to do. You won't find us in a strip center.

Our estimates are not appointments, so there could be a little variation in the actual start time. Sometimes we run ahead, and sometimes we're behind. We ask for your phone number so we can call if we're going to be ready at a drastically different time.

Be Warned that on Friday night, Saturday morning and all day Sunday our waitlist fills up quickly.

* We won't answer the phone until our posted opening time. That's because we give priority to anybody who's already at The Shop when we open. Once they're situated, we'll start taking calls.